Pre-Calc 12

Welcome to the Pre-Calculus 12 home page.

Over the course of the year, we will cover all eight chapters in the Pre-Calculus 12 curriculum.

Students in this course will be using the Pre-Calculus 12 WorkText by Pearson. These worktexts can be purchased for $25 from the school. Although the purchasing of the worktext is optional and not a requirement, it is recommended that students purchase the worktext as it was intended to be written in by students.

Due to copyright reasons, daily notes from this course will not be posted on the website.

Included below are some useful links and resources.


Graph Paper:   XY Co-ordinate plane      grid_XandY

Trig Graph Paper:   0 to 2pi,  0 to 360,  -2pi to 2pi,  -360 to 360


Graphing Calculator:

Geobegra Tube: